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"How to buy a business” & “How to sell a business” Training Package Free Giveaway Event

"How to buy a business” & “How to sell a business” Training Package Free Giveaway Event
"How to buy a business” & “How to sell a business” Training Package Free Giveaway Event

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How to buy a business- 10 general steps to buying any business Part 2

How to buy a business- 10 general steps to buying any business Part 2

In the first five steps of how to buy a business, we covered getting your team of professionals together, figuring out what type of business to buy, researching related businesses for sale, conducting a thorough investigation of the businesses interested in, and last but not least –valuing the prospective businesses to buy.
In the last five steps of this how to buy a business series. We will be covering how to make a knowledgeable and reasonable offer, negotiating the business buying and selling deal via proper documentation, creatively arranging the finance of the business buying and selling deal, arranging and satisfying all additional closing terms and agreements, closing the entire business buying and/or selling venture.

Step 6-

Making an enticing offer-
The sixth step is making an offer to the business seller. This is achieved by outlining all agreements, criteria, issues, all based on a specific deadline and written out and presented on a legal letter of intent. To complete this process, the business buyer and business seller will need to come to a general formal agreement on price and terms of the business buying and selling deal at hand.
Some common mis-conceptions about buying a business would include the actual pricetag of the business. A business buyer is obviously looking for the best deal, but, the terms in which you negotiate and come up with in this step of the business buying deal, will usually determine the success rate of the new business owner. What I mean is, if you beat down the old owner of the business on the price and have absolutely no contingency where they can help consult, oversee, and train you in the successful ways of their business- you will more than likely drive the business right into the ground. So don’t be such a cheapskate when it comes to making an offer, many a times business buyers are willing to accept a higher price tag in exchange for almost 100% guaranteed success via the old owners successful strategies and practices. Keep in mind how you structure the deal , always pay strict attention to tax ramifications and also the assets and stocks. This is a very diversified and complex process in itself and should be overseen by trained professionals at the very least.

Step 7-
Proper legal documentation-
The whole entire process of buying or selling a business always reverts back to hard facts, numbers, data, and history. The amount of research, paperwork, legal contracts, documents, purchase agreements,and worksheets can tend to be quite overwhelming.
Once a formal agreement has been reached, the process of filling out and structuring the purchase agreement comes into play.
The key bargaining factors are-
Price, how the deal is structured( think creatively now), the business sellers criteria and liabilities, criteria and processes of closing, and the final conditions to closing the business deal. During the last few final steps and processes things can get a little intense between buyer and seller as there are usually numerous liabilities that are often left open ended which can in turn, cause a “meltdown”, if you will.
Both the buyer and seller must come to a very detailed closing arrangement, where all the liabilities and criteria are covered until the business deal closes. Bearing this in mind, always try to be as flexible as you can when structuring the deal. It is always about compromising, you give a little to get a little(or a lot). If the buyer and seller both want to strike a fast, successful, profitable, and stress free deal , they need to both work hand in hand with each other as this should always be the beginning of a great business relationship.

Step 8-

Creatively financing the deal-
When it comes to the actual financing of a business, there are many creative and very flexible methods you can use to strike a very lucrative and flexible business brokering deal. Obviously , the larger the business the more funding sources are usually needed , always keep in mind creative and flexible terms that can lower actual purchase costs. Most larger business brokering deals or mergers and acquisitions, are creatively financed across multiple investment companies, banks, insurance companies, venture capitalists, etc, etc. Most small business buying and selling deals are almost all the time creatively financed and usually most of the financing is provided by the seller of the business at hand.
All in all there are a myriad of ways to finance and strike a very lucrative and flexible business deal worldwide, you just have to know how to look and how to work the deal. This is how many people become very successful, they persevere towards their goals with the proper knowledge , and ultimately achieve their financial dreams.

Step 9-

Meeting all closing criteria and conditions-
While many business buying and business selling deals are creatively structured, financed , and executed- there are still many additional criteria that have to be met before closing the business deal. In most cases, the buyer and seller are both well aware of these closing conditions in advance , and work together to complete these issues before the actual closing date. Some of these conditions could be acceptance of the final due diligence investigation, proper final review and revisions, written approvals and consents from all related parties, pending litigations, etc, etc.

Step 10-

Closing the business buying deal-
Come closing day, all of the terms, criteria, conditions, documentation, research, contracts , and deadlines should all have been completed and to satisfactory and legal standards. What usually happens next is all of the pertaining parties and their professional representatives gather and review all documentation, contracts, bill of sales, consent forms, stock information and certificates, and all other applicable pertaining information . Once all final documentation has been approved, the pens get to signing contracts, finances paid, and then the business finally transitions to the new business owners.
These are the last five of ten general steps to buying or selling a business. Obviously there is a plethora of more information and our exclusive how to buy and sell businesses training package will guide you through thick and thin of a business buying and/or selling venture. Learn in depth, both sides of the business buying and selling venture to ultimately safeguard your financial future today!

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