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"How to buy a business” & “How to sell a business” Training Package Free Giveaway Event

"How to buy a business” & “How to sell a business” Training Package Free Giveaway Event
"How to buy a business” & “How to sell a business” Training Package Free Giveaway Event

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

how to buy a business- Basic steps in the business buying and business selling process

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Step 1
"How to buy a business"- Preparing yourself with the proper knowledge

Before you even consider “buying a business”, you need to arm yourself with the proper knowledge and information via very thorough research and through proper training from qualified and experienced business brokers and consultants. Preparation, research, planning , and executing are all major parts of any solid business plan and is a must for anyone considering “buying a business”.
Think about it this way- you are going to be dealing with thousands , if not millions of dollars in your money or someone elses, why would you not want to arm yourself with the proper knowledge and training beforehand.

Step 2-
. "How to buy a business"- Choosing the right business

After you have conducted very thorough and rigorous research ,training, and practicing, you are now ready to start brainstorming for ideas of what types of businesses you might like to buy. You can call around to local business brokers or even check out some of these websites to get an idea for what types of business are out there for sale.

Step 3-

"How to buy a business"- meeting a business broker
While calling around and investigating what types of business you might like to buy, I am sure you have come across some great listings by some very prestigious business brokerage firms. As I believe in smaller more private business brokerage firms, you should consider meeting face to face with an actual broker so you can get your feet wet and practice some of your knowledge and training. While meeting with the business broker, make sure to ask as many questions as you can , but come prepared as I am sure the business broker is very busy. Meeting with the business broker should help clear up a lot of questions and also help steer you in the right direction of what type of business you should buy.
Utilize the business broker as much as possible, they will help guide you through these tough, stressful, and very emotional decisions. Prepare yourself with the most knowledge and experience as possible so you do not end up making a very costly and very stupid mistake.

Step 4-
"How to buy a business"- “due diligence

After meeting with the business broker and doing your proper research and training, you should now have made a few decisions on what type of business you are going to buy. Now comes the long, tedious, time consuming, and very complex processes of ”due diligence”.
Due diligence is the act of gathering all data, P & L reports, tax returns, assets, competitions data, demographics, stock reports, etc, etc and ultimately crunching all of the numbers and variables together to come up with the most likely future projected path of the business . There is a lot of research, data collecting, crunching of numbers, etc, involved in this process and I would suggest seeking professional guidance to at least review the numbers and data you come up with.

Step 5-
"How to buy a business"- Meeting with business broker, lawyers, and accountants?
Throughout the entire process of buying or selling a business, you should always have an open line of communication between your dynamic legal trio and counsel. All of these professional s need to be in constant contact with the you and the other members of the deal.

After getting the information together on the businesses you want to buy, you should then have a meeting with all the members of your team and evaluate the entire proposed business venture.

After careful review and critique, you should be able to hone in on which business is going to be the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

Now you can let your team do there part by drawing up proper legal documents, filling out documents, running worksheets, crunching more numbers, and ultimately coming up with a rough draft proposal for the business venture at hand.

Step 6-

"How to buy a business"-Presenting your first offer
Now comes the exciting part of presenting your first proposal for the business you are trying to purchase. Do not get to antsy as this part can sometimes drag on for months and months , while going back and forth with offers and counter offers. Just be prepared for an emotional ride but seek solace in your professional advisors and your knowledge and training.

Always be open minded to creative financing, extra training from owner, earnouts, etc, etc. These little twists and tweaks of business buying and selling deals can only safeguard your future success.

Step 7

"How to buy a business"- Closing the deal

After going through the very emotional and stressful negotiating processes, you should now have some kind of formal agreement ,if not a legal binding contract for the business venture at hand.
Now is the time consuming process of waiting for all the legal forms and documents to be filled out and processed through the proper channels. This process , depending on the situation, can some times drag on for months as well. This is where your training , preparation, communication, and legal team all come into play.
After all due processes have been conducted and completed, you should now be the proud new owner of a successful business.
You see it ll comes full circle.
Step 8-
"How to buy a business"- Keeping in touch with owner and previous management
After the deal is sealed, depending on the uniqueness of your particular sale, you should always keep in contact with previous owner and management(if not still there). You may already have this end worked out in your deal , but it always helps to keep a type of friendship open so you can always pick the prior owners brains for ideas and advice , which in turn ,might give you some great ideas.

Step 9-
Rinse ,wash ,repeat- it can be just that easy. Everything in life is work, there are no easy streets.
“Easy come, Easy go” –
How true , just look at how many people win millions on the lottery and are broke a year or less later.
Arm yourself with knowledge and experience from actual business brokers of 30 years,
Follow the Exclusive Pre Launch Event of there “ How to buy and sell businesses “ Training Package

Business Brokerage Secrets Revealed


how to by a business

How to sell a business

buy a business

Monday, June 29, 2009

"How to buy a business" Business Brokerage Secrets Revealed

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Here is the link people- Announcing there once in a life time pre launch event

Business is finally revealing there secret formulas for buying and selling businesses successfully to the public. Learn the exact same methods and tactics we have used for well over 30 years.

Have you ever wanted to start your own business, better yet, buying an existing successful business that all ready turns a profit? If so and if not, achieving your life long goal of owning your own business is not as far off as it may seem, especially with today’s current market.

“Where problems lie , opportunity awaits.”

While everyone is screaming recession ,thousands of people are finding new and innovative ways to make money . One common misconception is that most people would much rather start a business rather than buy an existing one. It has been proven that people that buy a business are far more likely to succeed than someone who attempts to start and maintain a business.

As this is quite startling, there are most definitely many perks to buying an established business versus starting a new one. The main reason is that you have knowledge and proof of what the business has done in the past, which in turn , can help you gauge the future success of the business. Buying a business or selling a business can be a very complex game of research and crunching numbers and should not be attempted without proper knowledge and professional assistance.

We are announcing our exclusive “Business Brokerage Secrets Revealed Training Course” pre launch event as a solution to the many problems of buying and selling businesses. Our exclusive course is written by real and very experienced business brokers whom have actually maintained a business brokerage and consulting firm over the past thirty years. As you can see our training course is backed by thirty years of actual business buying and selling experiences which will help solve all of your major problems and questions you may have while bringing to your attention all of the major pitfalls of a business buying and selling deal.

As an exclusive and limited time offer the actual authors of the book are offering up there actual time for business consultations and business valuations at an amazing rate compared to the leading competitors.

Take advantage of this once in a lifetime and life-changing opportunity today,

Update on Our Exclusive Pre Launch Event

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Hello everyone,
I just wanted to let everyone know the latest updates on our pre launch-

Things are starting to pick up a little, we are hoping to have the ROUGH Optin Page up by today so everyone can optin to receive the latest news about our launch.

We are also working on getting together A very powerful Affiliate tools page, where anyone can promote right from this page and make money.
Our affiliate tools page will allow ANYONE the REAL opportunity of making money just by referring like minded individuals and friends.
Due to our extremely high commission product , I am sure there will bo no shortage of people and affiliates taking advantage of this exclusive pre launch event.

We are also announcing a very big surprise bonus come LAUNCH DAY.

Remember people I am announcing the website today, so opt in to stay tuned for all the latest updates on our launch.
Till next time

Saturday, June 27, 2009

" How to buy and sell businesses" - Importance of Due Diligence

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I wanted to take the time to cover one crucial component of any business buying or business selling-

'Due diligence"

Due diligence is the act of doing methodological research to uncover ANY, and I mean ANY, possible variable of what could happen before ,during, and after the purchase. This is perhaps the single most important part of ANY business buying venture. Due diligence research is the sole business buyers responsibility and this process should never be conducted half ass as this could cost you your life savings.
Here is one example of how due diligence can affect your business buying or business selling venture.

The actual physical location of a business can sometimes play a vital role in a businesses success as a lot of small businesses feed off of the walk in traffic bigger stores generate. Picture a big shopping plaza with some major chains in the mix with a number of small retail shops, coffee shops, eateries, etc, etc. Even in our current economic market these big department and chain stores generate masses of walk in traffic, now what would happen to all of those small chains if these big stores ended up closing down? A large portion of the walk in traffic would definitely slow down to a trickle and the small business owners would more than likely end up closing up shop as well. So in this particular example location was one of the most crucial parts of any of these small businesses in the same plaza succeeding.

As with starting or buying any business venture there are risks, but conducting in depth and rigorous “due diligence” will always help you determine the major pitfalls and problems that may lay ahead. In the situation above , if all of these small business owners would have done there due diligence properly ,they could have been prepared for what was inevitably going to happen after the big stores closed down.
So as you can see, due diligence is not always about income, profit and loss statements, tax returns, inventory, assets, etc, etc. - It is about any and every possible loose end that could ultimately cost you your life savings, your well being , and most importantly your families’ well being.

One more important fact, Do not trust these B.S. Do-it-yourself kits and software.
You are investing your time, effort, and money (not to mention other peoples as well) into a supposed SOLID investment, arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible and seek professional ,proven guidance from start to finish.
The lesson of the day- “ Do not be an arrogant idiot, conduct thorough due diligence ALWAYS”, and have your lawyers, accountants, and consultants review your results.
Make sure you arm yourself with the most comprehensive REAL LIFE information and processes involved in business buying and selling businesses , but also the ever important “due diligence”.

This is where our exclusive business buying and selling training package comes into play…
You will be receiving our three jam packed guides along with the REAL LIFE worksheets , contracts, and documents we have used for over the past thirty years. On top of that , you will receive a business valuation and consultation with the actual brokers and authors of our exclusive training course, right from the comfort of your own home.

Stay tuned till next time,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

" How to buy and sell businesses training package"-Update on status of Our Exclusive Pre Launch Event

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Hey everyone,

I have been extremely busy pulling everything together for our Amazing pre-launch of our exclusive "How to buy and sell businesses training package", and it seems like the battle is never ending. We have hammered down our immediate bonuses and exclusive offers with our complete package, we are also offering different parts of our "Complete" package as well.

We will be offering our 30 minute business valuation and phone consultation, precluded with a brief questionnaire to help get you organized and on the fast track to success with our guidance, all from the comfort of your own home.
We are charging a very small fraction of what the competition charges and even what we normally charge. This will sell like hot cakes as we have done this many of times with just valuations and appraisals, hence the reason why we have to put a cap for a limited time only.

The very basic package will consist of our exclusive business brokerage book along with 2 other fast track to success guides each dealing with buying and selling businesses. This package will also contain detailed and vital worksheets,legal forms,documents, and contracts all used in a business buying or selling venture. These will be available via digital download immediately after purchase.

The ultimate pack will contain to many exclusive bonuses to list and access to our exclusive members only business listings site along with the exclusive business valuation and consultation. I have already said more than I should...

Will have that link shortly people and we will even have our affiliates tools page up very soon as well so you guys can start warming up your potential buyers for a very healthy commission.

Till next time,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"How to buy a business and sell a business" - Vital question you need to ask yourself

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Over the years of buying and selling businesses
we have witnessed both "sides of the fence",
the good and the bad.

As we discussed in the last post,
business brokers are typically about the seller
and not the buyer. The main reason, their commission!
I know this because I have been doing this for over
thirty years now and have seen many prospective
business buyers and sellers make very costly
all to costly mistakes.

Now that I am retired(but still active in the
business brokers world), I have lots of time to
reflect on all of the mishaps and pitfalls most
people make when buying or selling a business.

When buying or selling a business there are
some very important things to keep in mind
such as:

- The business broker is looking for there commission PERIOD!

- Use ALL financial reports,statements, and tax returns from at least five years if not 10 years ago. This helps you determine economic trends for the business as well so you will be better prepared for what lies ahead should you buy a business.

- There are less buyers in the current economic state. This gives the buyer of the business a little more leverage.

- Understanding the reasons why a business owner is selling their business is also another great leverage point.

- Gathering all data and info of ACTUAL value of business assets,inventory,employees,payroll,marketing and advertising budgets as well. This will let the business buyer understand thoroughly and be prepared for what their estimated cost projections will be from month to month just to keep the business running.

- Always weigh your options for creative financing of business. You can usually work out exceptional deals with very flexible criteria.

- Always have your own team of lawyers and consultants ready to examine all documents before even drawing up a contract for purchase.

Whatever you do , do not EVER think that you can handle
every aspect of analyzing and preparing a business for
purchase or sale properly.
There are a myriad of aspects to be analyzed,documents
created, and red tape to go through and it can be very

This is where our exclusive "How to buy or sell a business successfully" package comes into play. Our package includes
a comprehensive and very thorough book in a very easy to read and understand Q & A format. We also are providing to fast track to business buying and selling success guides , jam packed with even more proven and time tested tactics. Our package is also including business buying and selling forms and worksheets, which you can use right now to purchase or sell a business.

To top it off we are providing an exclusive half an hour long business valuation and consultation to even further cover ALL the questions you will have.

Arm yourself with the proper "weapons" when looking to buy or sell a business, our package is providing you with all the proper tools and knowledge so you can make a HIGHLY educated decision and avoid all of the major pitfalls of buying and selling a business.

This package in the short and long run, will ultimately save you quite possibly your life savings, that is of course, you are serious about buying or selling a business.

Till next time,


We are announcing the website this week people and not to mention that we are letting people promote our exclusive "how to buy businesses" and "sell businesses" successfully package

Stay tuned

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"How to buy a business"-Beware of Business Bokers

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I would like to take the time today to
explain a few things about business brokers and
their whole demeanor when buying or selling a business.

As with any other type of "broker", they are only
worried about their commissions. A business broker
usually takes a stance with the seller versus
the actual buyer of the prospective business buyer.

This sole reason alone should be enough to make
anyone who is interested in buying a business
a lot more leary. This should ultimately affect the
buyers desire to seek out as much information on
business brokering and the actual business broker of the deal.

This is quite simply what we are here to help you with.
We are providing you with over 30 years of our experience,
arming you with the best "how to buy a business knowledge"
and resources, along with a thorough phone consultation ,
which is not limited to, a proper business valuation as well.

My suggestion, obviously is to tell you to buy my "how to buy a business package", let us and our 30+ years of experience help guide you through your business buying process. We are offering one of the most comprehensive and well rounded "how to buy a business" packages
for what most in the business brokering industries would ultimately be considered peanuts.

Remember what they say, "you can't put a price tag on knowledge", but
my whole take is this holds true so long that the knowledge is
actually effective and can be proven with some type of results.

Till next time,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"How to buy a business" secrets are going to finally be revealed to the public

As we get closer to the launch of our exclusive "how to buy a business package",
We have been contemplating how to package the upsells,

hard covers,mp3's,wide array of buying business forms,consultations,business valuations,business comparisons,etc,etc

Obviously we are starting to get closer to our launch date and we are getting very excited as we put the finishing touches to everything. We want everything to go as smoothly as possible for us and for our future business clients as well.

One common mis-conception amongst the mystery of "business brokering" is that the sale of a business is usually played to the business broker and business seller, not the business buyer.

Let our 30 years of success,proven experience,and results guide you along the way in your next business buying venture, as we are going to be providing the most complete and comprehensive "how to buy a business" successfully the FIRST time out the gate training package.

Stay tuned for all of the updates on our launch

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"How to buy a business" - Skirting the learning curve

Everybody knows the economy is bad, blah,blah,blah... But what most people seem to forget is that where there are problems, there are corresponding opportunities to make money. In the current economic climate, thousands of business owners, both large and small, are looking to cash-out their "chips" and close up shop before they face the possibility of watching their life's efforts go down the toilet. This opens up the possibility for business brokers, or anyone else, for that matter, to buy, develop and sell many lucrative businesses in a short amount of time.

Fortunately (or unfortunately – depending on which side of the table you’re sitting at), if this is something that might interest you, you’ll want to look at as many strategies and methodologies that the professionals use to evaluate a business’s profit potential (among other criteria). These time-proven techniques have been kept under "lock and key" for quite some time by the people who have spent years developing them. But now, these strategies are about to be revealed from one of the most private (and successful) business brokerage firms in NYC. - in "How to Buy a Business" - a user- friendly, easy-to-understand tell-all Q & A formatted e-book. The e-course can also be purchased as a DVD along with other great bonuses all delivered right to your doorstep. As a special bonus to all those that purchase this book, our "private business brokerage firm" will be offering private phone consultation at an amazing 50% discount off their usual fee.

So if you want to skip the learning curve of buying and selling a business(es), all while profiting from the many "unfortunate" perks of the current recession, we urge you to take advantage of this pre-launch opportunity and lock in your position now. Offered for sale at this low introductory price for only for a limited time, "How to Buy a Business" and "How to sell a business" comes with the “Exclusive 50% OFF Bonus OFFER” phone consultation/valuation with the brightest in the business as well as the actual authors of this exclusive course.

Don't miss out on this truly amazing and time sensitive
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Launch Date is set for July 7th ,2009
but obviously you can follow our progress here as we piece together the puzzle!

The URL to this Exclusive Event will be revealed very shortly. So stay tuned...

This is definitely a money-making opportunity that no one should miss!

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