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"How to buy a business” & “How to sell a business” Training Package Free Giveaway Event

"How to buy a business” & “How to sell a business” Training Package Free Giveaway Event
"How to buy a business” & “How to sell a business” Training Package Free Giveaway Event

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Friday, July 3, 2009

" How to buy and sell businesses" with low to no money down

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How to buy a business” with low to nothing down-
Everyday you here some kind of over the top sales pitch on the radio, tv, or internet-
“Make money fast”, ”fire your boss”, “financial freedom is only a phone call away”,

It gets very tiring hearing this everyday, but what if I told you there are numerous REAL ways and methods of making a real living from home. I mean, finally achieving your dreams of owning your own successful business(es) and ultimately , firing your boss.

So , as we are in a global economic crisis, there are numerous and very lucrative business opportunities waiting around every corner. Has anyone considered how many people are selling their businesses just because they are burnt out from running it day to day, or are retiring, or they just want to cash out their hard earned efforts.

Has everyone considered that because our economy is bad that the numbers of investors has dwindled dramatically? What about banks not lending ANY money for business purchases, which in turn, leads to VERY creative alternatives for financing a business buying and/or selling deal.

Am I starting to paint a clearer picture for all of you skeptics?
As you can see just from the two examples above, now is most definitely the time to “buy a business” and/or “sell a business”. These days it would seem to appear that buying a business is a whole heck of a lot smarter than starting one. Statistically speaking, you are far more likely to succeed with buying an established business rather than starting a new business from scratch.

The secrets of a business buying and selling deal all boil down to how flexible the owner is with their terms and also how much of a down payment the proposed business buyer would have ,should the business brokering deal goes through. Understanding every aspect of a business brokering venture will allow you to fully grasp most ,if not all, criteria of the business deal, which in turn , will allow you to get the best possible deal- whichever side of the business deal you are on. Preparing yourself before hand when you are buying or selling a business, will allow the deal to go much more smoothly, efficiently, and profitably for both parties.

When acquiring a business, one very general but crucial rule of thumb comes into play-
The 80/20 rule of thumb is usually a good gauge to go by when a going into a private business brokering deal. This number is usually only achieved in a private business brokering deal, as with a business brokerage firm, they are only out for their commissions on top of being driven by state laws in favor of the seller of the business. Working a private deal will allow very flexible financing terms involving but not limited to – down payments, payments, earnouts, assets, cashflow, additional training, and a long lasting successful business relationship.

If you can find yourself a sweet private deal, you will more than likely be able to conduct a very creative and flexible financing arrangement with the seller of the business. Moreover, conducting a private business brokering deal will allow you to connect and grow a solid business and personal relationship with the prior business owner. This in turn will ultimately allow you to tip the scales to your advantage , as you now have a solid business and a consultant- the old owner.

Usually these types of deals are hardly ever achieved with business brokers as they are usually out for their whopping 33% commission come day of closing. If they do not feel like they are getting what they are worth , they could even go as far as sabotaging the deal so they can make the most commission possible.

It is a dog eat dog world people, I know because I have been a business broker for the past 30 plus years and have been on both sides of the fence.
Arm yourself now with our proven experience and secret tactics we have used as business brokers for the past 30 plus years.

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